» Comments and suggestions of our clients.

Did you like the service of Flanders Translations or do you have any suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments over here. Thank you very much for your confidence and we hope to see you back soon! 

79. Anne Barnett --- Belgium English ---> Dutch 2022-06-23

We needed birth certificates translating. Following my initial contact with Flanders translations communications between us were swift and easy. We were very happy with the service and the translations provided

78. Andres --- Spain Dutch ---> Spanish 2022-05-22

I highly recommend Flanders Translations - over the last two years we’ve asked them to help us with more than a dozen official translations and they’ve been of great help.
These guys are quick and reliable- give them a go!

77. Biljana --- Ireland French ---> English 2022-05-16

Great service and customer journey, highly recommend!

76. ASAKO KANAZAWA --- JAPAN Japanese ---> Netherlands 2022-02-18

I asked family register translation from Japanese to Netherlands. Very professional and quick response. The company from the list of Japanese embassy recommended me to ask here, so it is also very trustable.

75. Georgmync --- United States Georgmync ---> Georgmync 2022-01-25

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74. Michael --- USA Spanish ---> Dutch 2022-01-17

Fantastic translation service. Fast and a good price. Couldn't be happier!

73. Sonja --- SLO Slovene ---> Dutch 2022-01-10

The Flanders Translation team represents among the highest levels of (customer) service I have experienced. Efficient responses, fast translations, and very acceptable rates. They go the extra mile to help. I would recommend them unreservedly.

72. Massimo --- Belgium Dutch ---> Italian 2021-12-18

As usual a super service! Quick, reliable and delivered well ahead of the agreed deadline. Highly recommended.

71. Armando --- Belgium English ---> Spanish 2021-12-10

Excellent service with very fast turnaround time including delivery for an urgent request. Will use again and highly recommended.

70. Jasmine --- Iran Portuguese ---> Dutch 2021-12-09

Excellent Customer Service

69. Masako --- Japan English ---> Dutch 2021-12-03

I have asked 3,4 translation agents for the translation of the letter. Flanders translation is the only agent among 4 which assist me with all the requirements I asked. Always gave me prompt reply. Thank you again for your assistance.

68. Albina --- Macedonia Macedonian ---> Dutch 2021-10-20

The best experience with translations offices so far! Fast, professional and informative. I highly recommend Flander Translations.

67. Rey --- Cameroon Dutch ---> English 2021-09-03

Great professionalism. Good communication. Generally good service.

66. Aylene Marquez --- Dutch English ---> English 2021-07-23

Excellent, Fast, Informative and Friendly communication.

Highly recommended!

65. Gerardo --- Mexico Spaans ---> Nederlands 2021-06-21

Great service, professional and excellent communication. Reliable and fast when you need urgent documentation. Highly recommended.

64. Özgür --- Turkey Turkish ---> Dutch 2021-06-19

Fast translation, quick and informative replies to emails, friendly and professional attitude. This is my first legal translation in Belgium, and I'm very happy with the outcome.

63. Mark Arnett --- Belgium French ---> English 2021-06-11

Creditable, prompt and competent service. Clearly communicated conditions and price. You can book this service with confidence.

62. Sudipt --- India English ---> Flemish 2021-05-22

I got my documents translated in Flemish within a week. I am happy with the service and would strongly recommend

61. Sofie --- Ecuador English ---> Spanish 2021-05-11

Great and very fast service! Very quick replies. Profesional and precise work. Straight forward communication. Highly recommended!

60. Hannah --- England English ---> French 2021-05-08

Very efficient and friendly team to go through for my translated birth certificate. Arrived so quick and communication was very helpful and efficient.

Would definitely recommend!

59. Karen Robertson --- New Zealand Dutch ---> English 2021-03-23

Fantastic service. Prompt communication to queries, and fast to prove translation service. As an expat trying to sort out a legal translation, you were really wonderful to deal with. Thank you! We highly recommend.

58. Angelica --- Peru Spanish ---> French 2020-12-26

Very quick replies to e-mails and faster than expected delivery. Friendly and professional service. I would highly recommend Flanders Translations.

57. Ruth Faber --- UK English ---> Dutch 2020-11-26

I have used Flanders Translations twice in the past couple of years and I can highly recommend them. Fast, efficient and personable response. It's a 10/10 for me.

56. Rubí --- Mexico Spanish ---> Dutch 2020-10-25

Reliable, fast, and flawless work. Highly recommended!

55. Misbah --- India Arabic ---> French 2020-10-23

I needed an urgent translation and I approached Flanders translation upon a recommendation of a friend. I was surprised with the fast response and timely delivery. Highly recommend for legalized translations. 10/10.

54. Gabriella --- Brazil Portuguese ---> Dutch 2020-10-17

Communication was fast, fair price, and deliverd on time. I recommend Flanders Translations to anyone.

53. Juliana --- Hong Kong & Mauritius French & English ---> Dutch 2020-09-16

My boyfriend's reputable tax consulting firm hire Flanders Translations for their translation service, and therefore I had the guarantee that their works would be of excellence. Communication was fast, on point, and Tom delivers quality translation. I never had any problem with his work. His knowledge is not limited to Belgium. I receive emails from him at 2:00 in the morning. I am a professional buyer and a negotiator for a very large Swedish company: this is a long-term business partner worth every penny.

52. Christophe --- Spain Spanish ---> French 2020-09-15

FLANDERSTRANSLATIONS did a very professional job and was comprehensive of several of my constrains

51. Pretty Day --- USA English ---> French 2020-08-07

It's been a pleasure working with this company. I used to work with another translator before, and I could tell he didn't care at all about my requests. That's why I contacted Flanders Translations to take care of the wedding translations I needed. I worked with Tom, and he was amazing from A to Z, even took some extra time to re-explain me the legal process and everything. My clients received their translation ahead of time and were very pleased too. Will definitely work with them again.

50. Jason Fernandes --- Belgium English ---> Flemish 2020-07-23

Fantastic service. Prompt, professional and precise work! Special mention to the kind man who came personally to deliver the translated Apostille to my home address. Totally recommended!

Merci en Hartelijk Dank aan het FT Team!!!

49. Davide --- Italy Dutch ---> Italian 2020-02-15

It is the second time I ask them for a translation. As usual, Flanders translations have been quick and professional. I recommend their service.

48. Rachel --- UK English ---> Flemish 2019-09-26

Very quick and professional service. Fast response time to email queries, translation produced quickly and sent for verification before the legalisation process. Legalised documents arrived quickly too. definitely recommended.

47. Raf Vijgen --- United States Dutch ---> English 2019-06-23

I was very pleased by the quick and efficient service provided by Tom and his team. They are very knowledgeable about the complex legalisation requirements globally - in my case for Malaysia. Tom was also very helpful and accessible by phone to help me understand the procedures involved in my case. In addition, they surprised me with an amazing turn around time. In only a few days I had my documents returned and legalized.

46. Elie Bechelany --- Argentina French ---> Spanish 2019-06-15

Very effective team at Flanders translations, quick response, fast actions and solution findings. I was pleased working with them and certainly recommending the use of their services.

45. Tim Yates --- Belgium English ---> French 2019-05-22

I received my translated document today - well within the delay!

Please thank everyone on my behalf, for your professionalism, efficiency and good humour at every stage of my dealings with you!

You have provided a great service and I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone in the future!

44. Raphael Castagna Haasper --- Singapore French ---> English 2019-04-18

A very professional job! We were very happy with the results. Flanders Translations worked in perfect sync with our needs, delivered the material on time and lent us a helping hand everytime we needed to make sure the job would be done within the deadline.

We would certainly recommend and use their services again.

Thank you guys for the job well done!

43. JP Lotuaco --- Philippines Dutch ---> English 2019-04-16

Good and reliable service. Despite some delays in receipt of source document, they translated, certified, authenticated and delivered the document ahead of committed schedule!

42. Konstantinos Dourios --- Greece French ---> English 2019-03-08

High professional service. I would definitely recommend this company and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Keep up the good work.

41. Carlos Eduardo Bonalume --- Brazil Portuguese ---> Dutch 2019-02-25

Easy and straight forward communication, fair price and delivered in time. I would definitely recommend Flanders Translations' services to a friend.

40. Letitia Rawlings --- United Kingdom English ---> Flemish 2019-01-16

Fast and efficient service and quick to respond to my queries. I would definitely recommend this company and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

39. Ruth Faber --- United Kingdom English ---> Dutch 2019-01-16

The service provided was simple, efficient and trustworthy (and I have already made use of the service again).

38. Karim --- USA English ---> French 2019-01-01

Very professional, timely with service exceeding expectations! It was a real pleasure and would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a translation.

37. Jill Adams --- England English ---> Flemish 2018-12-24

Great service - very easy to follow steps and clear timings which were followed.
Would definitely use again

36. David Osher --- Israel French ---> English 2018-12-12

Communication overseas was fantastic!
Highly recommended for translations and apostille.

35. Maryam --- Iran French ---> English 2018-11-23

With Flanders Translations, you can completely trust the final result.
Their service is efficient, prompt, disciplined and affordable. As a proof you can make a quick search and see how unrival they are.
I will recommend their service to everyone I know in Belgium and I hope they keep doing their great job under fantastic management of Mr. Tom Mahieu.

34. Adrian Waldock --- England English ---> Flemish 2018-10-28

Simple efficient service and good value.
Clear communication keeping client aware of status.
The no hassle “do what it says on the tin” approach was much appreciated.
Definitely recommend and would use again.

33. Ioannis Tsiompanis --- Germany Flemish / Dutch ---> Greek 2018-10-04

Excellent service and communication. Highly recommended! Many thanks for everything!

32. Seong Jun Yang --- South Korea English ---> English 2018-09-04

I needed to get "Apostille" to prove my staying at Belgium. It was difficult for me to do that because I do not live in Belgium now. I found this agent by web-searching and everything was successful and very fast. I could receive the processed document earlier than I expected. I greatly recommended this agent. They are very professional, kind and fast to answer for my questions.

31. Rosalind Deterville --- England Dutch ---> English 2018-07-26

Thank you for the translation work, advice given, speedy response, excellent service, professionalism and value for money. I can honestly say Flanders Translations are the specialists for your translations and I will definitely use them again.

30. Tee --- Malaysia English ---> Dutch 2018-06-26

Very professional and fast response, I have been translated several different documents with them, very good service indeed! Highly recommended. Thank you so much!

29. Jonathan Rincon --- Colombia Spanish ---> English 2018-03-25

I contacted Flanders Translations for several Spanish to English translations of official documents released by former job positions and universities. It was a very well job, very professional and fast!

I have done also from French to English (University diplomas) and they have done it in less than two days.

Totally recommended!

28. Elysse --- Romania Romanian ---> Spanish 2017-12-05

Impecable service! Thank you.

27. Madani Rafiek --- United States English ---> Dutch 2017-11-06

Thank you for your work and speed of action!
and an excellent communication ...

26. Linda --- Belgium English ---> French 2017-08-10

High professional service, very kind communication. I will surely recommend your company. Thank you!

25. Ivan --- Belarus Russian ---> Dutch 2017-04-19

Thank you for your work and speed of action!

24. Cindy --- Engeland Nederlands ---> Engels 2017-04-19

Efficient and cost effective translation bureau. Will not hesitate to use them again!

23. Kat Reyskens --- UK Flemish ---> English 2016-12-02

From the very first email contact I made with Flanders Translation I was dealt with in a very professional and helpful manner, and the people strived to meet my needs and exceed my expectations. Great service offered, and my translations arrived very fast. I highly recommend their services!

22. Chris Kim --- Korea NA ---> NA 2016-12-02

Thanks for your legalization service!

21. C. Rosenblom --- The Netherlands Dutch ---> English 2016-08-08

I needed an utility bill translated for a visa application. We had a little hick up but Flanders Translations were very quick to solve it and handled it very professionally.
I would definitely recommend them!

20. Liz Evenson --- Belgium English ---> French 2016-08-02

I was very pleased with the quality of service provided--speedy responses to my email inquiries, ability to work from scanned copies of my documents, and a faster-than-expected turn-around time for translation and legalization. Thank you for the excellent work.

19. Monika --- Poland polish ---> Nederlands 2016-07-08

Professional work. I sincerely recommend Flanders Translations.

18. Marc --- Guadeloupe Frans ---> Nederlands 2015-10-28

Great job, thanks so much!

17. Saidi --- Danemark Dutch ---> English 2015-08-30

The translation was perfect and done the next working day. I recommend Flanders Translations any day!!!

Thank you

16. Frans --- Brazilie Nederlands ---> Portugees 2015-08-14

Excellent service. Value for money.

15. Giulio --- United Kingdom Apostille ---> Apostille 2015-08-05

I needed to have an apostille for my PhD obtained in Belgium. I was fully satisfied with the service. Very much reliable and excellent communication. Highly recommended. Thanks again to Tom and his team for sorting this out so efficiently.

14. Lus Amorim --- United States Dutch and Portuguese ---> English 2015-06-24

Working with Flanders Translations was a real pleasure. They did not only provide us with the right kind of translation service, they went the extra mile to provide us with the right kind of advice (this was particularly important for us). They also showed flexibility when needed making the whole process much easier for us. We have recommended their services to others.

13. R Guveli --- UK Dutch ---> English 2015-06-10

Well recommended!

12. Pacifique MONGONGO DOSA --- Congo D.R English and French ---> Spanish 2015-04-04

If you urgently need a high quality translation, Flanders Translations' translators are the right persons: It's amazing to realize how they Received my request in the Saturday-Sunday night, promptly send me back the detailed invoice and start working on my file on Sunday just after they received the evidence of payment. More interestingly, four days later, I received a high quality and professional translation of my file of 12 pages containing 2795 words, figures and tables. Without such a quick and high quality work, I would not meet my submission deadline of this Friday!

11. Dr.Zll --- Macedonia Macedonia ---> Dutch 2015-03-30

everything was perfect, the communication and the service. thank you Flanders Translation. Highly recommended

10. Nicole --- South Korea English ---> English 2015-03-30

So glad that I was offered the perfect service from Flanderstranslation.

Work that I requested was quite complicated, but they executed the work so professionally.


9. Deciso Comm V --- Belgium english ---> french 2014-12-08

The translation arrived quickly as promised and was carried out very well. The contact was very pleasant, I can highly recommend Flanders Translations

8. private --- belgium spaans ---> engels 2014-11-13

fast and very professional; trustworthy. I can absolutely recommend this agency. kristin Waeterloos

7. Manas Chakraborty --- India English ---> Dutch 2014-09-20

Excellent service. I took this service first time but I will opt for future too. Highly recommended.

6. Katalinic Darko --- Serbia Serbian ---> Duch 2014-06-20

Excelent and quick service !
Thanks again

5. Karl --- Netherlands English ---> Dutch 2014-06-20

Quick and efficient service. Translated document was accepted by Belgian Government authorities without any issues. Overall happy with service delivered from Flanders Translations

4. Rachel --- UK English ---> Dutch 2014-05-16

Very quick translations and friendly service. Thank you

3. Jin Li --- China Dutch ---> English 2014-04-29

super fast and high quality! Great thanks!!!

2. Poncin Angela --- England English ---> French 2014-04-24

Birth Certificate from England. Top quality translation, respect of timing, translation respects the look of the original document, all agreed by the authorities. A very pleasant and friendly communication.
Thank you.

1. Tom, managing director of Flanders Translations --- Aalst, Belgium 2013-10-25

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