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Translation agency Flanders Translations specialises in sworn translations and legalisations. This makes our agency the place to be for the translation, certification and legalisation of all your official documents such as diplomas, judgements, notarial deeds, marriage and birth certificates or other civil registry certificates.   Flanders Translations takes care of sworn translations into and from any language. 


Professional sworn translators

For every language we can rely on a core team of sworn translators offering the highest quality and a solid experience. We collaborate only with sworn translators who swore an oath with one of the Belgian courts and who have a proven track record.  

Sworn translations for Belgium and abroad

Our sworn translations are legally valid throughout Belgium. If you need a sworn translation for use abroad, you need to take several additional administrative steps. Flanders Translations will gladly help you with the entire process. Here you will find more information on the legalisation of sworn translations.


Personalised service

We guarantee personalised services, discretion and quality. This means your official document is in good hands with us.  


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BY E-MAIL: send us a legible scan of your official documents to info@flanderstranslations.be

BY FAX: fax your document to fax nº 053/89.02.89

BY POST: send a copy of your document to: Flanders Translations, Hogeweg 2, 9320 Aalst.



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